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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 26.0

Comodo Dragon is a neat and secure web browser based on Chromium
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Comodo Dragon is a web browser based on the Chromium engine, the same engine used by the more popular Google Chrome. This means that pretty much all the advantages offered by Google Chrome are available within Comodo Dragon as well. They both are very fast, customizable and feature-rich. Being open-source is another positive treat they have in common. What's more, both are based on Chromium.

Since you probably already wonder what makes Comodo Dragon different and worth choosing over the acknowledged Google Chrome, here’s the answer: enhanced security. It adds privacy enhancements and security improvements that surpass the default ones provided by Chromium. Some examples of these additional security and privacy enhancement functions are the extensive cookie management features and the Domain Validation technology which accurately analyzes the quality of SSL certificates.

In conclusion, Comodo Dragon is great for Google Chrome users that need a bit of extra security when browsing the web. There’s barely any visible difference between Chrome and Dragon when it comes to their interfaces, the Chromium-powered features are the same on both sides, but the security pluses of Dragon are truly remarkable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Offers handy and reliable additional security and privacy features.
  • Based on the Chromium engine.
  • High page loading speed


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